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5 Favorite Anne of Green Gables Quotes

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5 Favorite Anne Shirley Quotes

Welcome back to another post in the month of Anne blog post series. If you missed the last post in the series, you can find it here.

Last time I gave a list of the most entertainingly awful editions of Anne of Green Gables. This time I will be sharing some favorite Anne quotes.

I’m sure that many of you know just how many great Anne Shirley quotes there are. After eight books featuring this wonderful character, what do you expect, right?

I am going to share a mere 5 Anne quotes with you in this post. Each of the following quotes have been made into document-sized printable posters that you can get for free! When you get the package (for free) you can one bonus poster not shown in this post. If you are interested in getting them, then simply click this link or click on one of the below images.

“True friends are always together in spirit.” – Anne Shirley. This is such a beautiful quote about friendship. Diana Barry and Anne Shirley have the sweetest relationship, don’t you think?

“It’s delightful when your imaginations come true, isn’t it?” – Anne Shirley. This quote comes from chapter 2 of Anne of Green Gables, just as Matthew is bringing her to her new home.

“But if you call me Anne, please call me Anne with an ‘e’.” – Anne Shirley. This list would not be complete without this iconic quote.

“But really, Marilla, one can’t stay sad very long in such an interesting world, can one?” – Anne Shirley. This quote comes after Anne gets out of the ‘depths of despair’.

“Don’t you just love poetry that gives you a crinkly feeling up and down your back?” – Anne Shirley. Reading that quote gives me a crinkly feeling up and down my back.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. It is part of the November Month of Anne blog post series here on Anne’s Book Basket. You can read more of the posts in the series, such as the 8 Valuable Lessons to be Learned from Anne Shirley, right here on the blog.  You can also join me again for the next post which will be coming out soon.

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