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Writers Corner is an area for budding writers to explore. It features recommendations on helpful tools for writing, tips and insights that will make writing easier or more enjoyable and a submission area for young writers to have a chance at having their work published.

  • Young Writer Publication

    Young Writer Publication: The Birth of the King of Kings by Mary-Clare Franco

    I’m super excited to share this amazing piece of writing from a budding young writer. This original piece of poetry was written by Mary-Clare Franco. Enjoy! The Birth of the King of Kings                                                     A glimmering star shone with light;                                                     Upon a dark and peaceful night;                                                     The moon was still, pale its face;                                                     The snow it glittered, the frost like lace;                                                     Adorned the trees, with silver strands;                                                     For winter was come upon the land;                                                     The wind was gentle, but it did chill;                                                     And angels sang, their song it filled,                                                     The humble world, when glinting stars;                                                     Did light the night from afar.                                                                                                             Within that stillness, a…

  • 10 Useful Tips for Researching Your Novel

    10 Useful Tips for Researching Your Novel

    Need Tips for Researching Your Novel? Are you currently writing a novel? Do you need more information in order to write more of your novel? Not sure where to start looking for the necessary information? Then stick around for a few minutes and read through these 10 useful tips for researching for your novel. The tips I’m sharing will fall under two umbrella categories: Know what information you need & know where to find information & how to store it. Let’s start with learning how to determine what you need to research by finding out what information you need. Knowing what information you need These…

  • Essentials Tools for Serious Writers Feature Image

    7 Essential Tools for Serious Writers That You Might Not Have Considered Yet

    7 Absolute Essential Tools for Writers I am a passionate historical fiction writer who has spent many hours working hard at writing novels, specifically one that takes place in Canada during WWI. While I was working away, I noticed a few things that I had come to rely upon to write my book. I would even venture to call these things essentials that every serious writer should have. I don’t have a very big budget, so I have to keep things as inexpensive as possible, so nothing on this list is extravagant or extraneous. In fact, some of the items are completely free of charge! …