E-Reader Vs. Physical Book ( plus links to sites that have free ebooks ) 1
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E-Reader Vs. Physical Book ( plus links to sites that have free ebooks )

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Today I would like to bring up the subject of E -Reader Versus Physical Book. I will be completely honest, I would take a physical book over an eBook on an e-reader anytime. The smell of ink on paper, the satisfaction of holding a a whole other world in your hands. Flipping the pages subconsciously, engrossed in a distant land.

Let’s be honest you just don’t receive the same effect with an E-Reader, but this being said I have an E-Reader and I love it! This might sound contradictory but let me explain.

While I am biased towards physical books, E-Readers have their advantages. Have you ever been in the car, or a doctors office just waiting and to pass the time you read? Then suddenly your book ends and your wait hasn’t. This is where an E-Reader comes in handy. In one small device, perfect to fit in your purse, you can find hundreds of books at your fingertips. Finished your book? No problem, just start another (if you can do that, I sometimes need a little while to recover from the last book I read, before convincing myself I am not betraying the characters in the last book by starting a new book.)

An e-reader is also great if you have little babies. I have rocked my younger sibling to sleep many times, and there are those times when no matter how hard you try to lay them in their crib they just wake up every time. But, as soon as you sit down again to rock them they are out like a light (I sometimes joke that they are the reverse of those dolls whose eyes close when you lay them down.) Back to my point, I find that when you have a sleeping baby on you, they cn get upset when you are holding a book, and you have to move slightly to turn a page. With a kindle you just have to tap the screen the thumb on the hand you are holding the kindle, and voila! the page is turned.

After lots of hinting, on my fifteenth birthday I receive a Kindle Paperwhite. I loved it immediately, and I still love it and use it frequently. One of the features that the Kindle Paperwhite has to offer is a backlit screen. I love the backlit feature for when those nights when I lay down in my bed, and am purely awake. I just can’t fall asleep. On those nights I grab my Kindle and read a few pages of whatever book I am reading through, and it doesn’t take more than a few pages and I can barely put my Kindle down before I am out cold. It is so much easier to just grab my Kindle and read, as apposed to turning a light on or finding a flashlight (usually by the time I find a flashlight I am even more awake then I was in the first place) and then when you are almost sleeping then you have to put away your, turn of the light or flashlight and ugh. Call me lazy, but I prefer a Kindle in that situation.

The last point I want to give for E-Readers is that you can find a lot of classic books for free as eBooks only. Two of the best sites to find free classic ebooks are Project Gutenberg and LoyalBooks.com

In conclusion I much prefer physical books, but my E-Reader sees lots of use as well.

E-Reader Vs. Physical Book ( plus links to sites that have free ebooks ) 2

Here is a link to the Kindle Paperwhite on amazon.ca and amazon.com. I cannot praise it enough. I especially love the back lit feature (if you didn’t notice already) I have used my mom’s kobo E-reader in the past, as well her basic Kindle E-Reader before I received mine. Before that I used a logitech E-Reader.

Here is a Link to the basic Kindle on amazon.ca and amazon.com. I have used this kindle as I mentioned above. It is a really good E-Reader the only big thing it doesn’t have is a backlight.

If you have any questions about the basic Kindle or the Kindle Paperwhite before you decide on purchasing one feel free to write your questions in the comment section below.

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