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Collection of Free Ebooks and Audiobooks

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Who doesn't love free, right?

Here in this blog post, you will find links to sites that offer ebooks and audiobooks for free. Some of the sites require you to sign up, while others have no strings attached. I personally prefer not signing up for things, but in some cases it is worth it. The sites that I will link to, cost you nothing except perhaps your email address.

Just a quick disclaimer, most of the free ebooks and audiobooks are in the public domain, meaning they are not subject to copyright. Most such books are considered classics, and most are at least over 50 years old or more.

The first site you can get free ebooks, and even audiobooks is On this site, you can get hundreds of current and in print ebooks and audiobooks. They don’t have to be in the public domain, the only thing it requires from you is a valid library card. I realise that in some places a library card is not free, but if you already have one, Overdrive won’t cost you anything.

I think is by far my favorite site to get free ebooks and audiobooks from. They offer a variety of public domain books, in several formats that you download instantly. is my go to site for free audiobooks that are in the public domain. actually link to librivox when it comes to audiobooks.

The next place where you can find free ebooks is Project GutenbergYou might even have already heard about this one, as it is fairly popular. All of the books available are in the public domain, so as I mentioned in the disclaimer above, these books are in the 50 years old, and above crowd. presents hundreds of free ebooks. Most of the ebooks you can download instantly, while others you can borrow for two weeks at a time. You have to sign up in order to borrow books, but if they are available to read, then you can just download them. offers lots of great public domain ebooks in various genres. All it requires is for you to create an account, and then you have access to hundreds of books at your fingertips. has quite a few free classic books for free. Just go to amazon, select the kindle store, and put ‘AmazonClassics Edition Free Kindle Books’ into the search bar, and behold the results.

Best Sites to Find Free Ebooks and Audiobooks

While this last site does not strictly offer free audiobooks, you can get one or even two (depending on the deal) free audiobooks with an Audible trial. If you haven’t tried Audible yet, I suggest you do. If you want some more information about it, you can read an in-depth review of Audible on They go through exactly what Audible is and how it works, as well as explaining the differences between the various membership types and more. You can find that article here.

That's all of the sites I will recommend

There are plenty more sites and services that offer free ebooks, but I chose not include some of them for several reasons including, having to pay money (for free ebooks? Really?), obnoxious websites with annoying ads everywhere, or they just seemed kinda sketchy.

One site in particular I suggest you avoid is The reason for this is that they require you to create a ‘free’ account right away, when you sign up, they only give you 5 free ebooks in either pdf or txt format, neither of which are great. The quality of the ebooks is terrible, and the covers are disgraceful. Beyond this, they offer mostly trash, with the odd good thing buried out of sight.

Best Sites to Find Free Ebooks

I hope you found this post helpful. If so, leave a comment, and share this post with your friends. Thanks for reading!

Happy Reading & Writing!

Collection of Free Ebooks and Audiobooks 2
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