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Happy Birthday Beverly Cleary!!!

Today children’s author Beverly Cleary turns 103 years old!

During her life time Mrs. Cleary has written over 50 children’s books, that sold over 90 million copies world wide!

Some of her most famous works include:

and many more!

I have read, and re-read almost all of her books and loved them all. Three years ago for her hundredth birthday I even wrote her a letter.

Sadly, I did not receive a personal reply. However, I did receive a post card from her with all of my favorite Cleary characters on the front.

I would love to hear from you, what your family’s favorite Beverly Cleary books/characters are.

For your convenience here is a list of Beverly Cleary books for you to browse:

The Ramona Series in order:

The Henry Huggins Series in order:

The Ralph S. Mouse Series:

Other Notable mentions:

Let me know which ones your family has read!

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