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My All Time Favorite Series

My All Time Favorite Series 2

When I learned how to read, I began reading everything. Street signs, package labels, flyers, and more. But my favorite things to read, were books, which makes sense. I began reading lots of books, in various genres.

My favorite type of books, were fiction, the ones about average people, doing extraordinary things.

I never thought much about it then, but now as I re-read some of my old favorites, I find something interesting about them. These books are fiction, and yet they feel more real, and relatable than most non-fiction books.

I would like to share with you my favorite series when I was younger, one that even now still brings joy to my heart when I read it.

This amazing series by Elizabeth Enright is called The Melendy Quartet

My All Time Favorite Series 3

My mom got the first book in the series, The Saturdays, from the library for me, via a recommendation from somewhere. I picked the book up with skepticism, and read the first few pages. I don’t know why, but I didn’t enjoy it, so I put it back into the library basket, and didn’t pick it back up. However, later my mom found the audio version for me, and I gave it another try. The narrator of the book Pamela Dilman, did a very good job, and I ended up listening to the whole book. Once finished the whole book, I loved it so much I started it all over again, and again. I listened to the book five times in succession, before I stumbled upon, to my joy, the other three books in the series, all of which I listened to as well, many times over.

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My All Time Favorite Series 6

I think what I loved about these books, is that I could relate to the characters. I felt really akin to Miranda, especially. I was much like her. Preferring to be in the action, get dirty, and have lots of fun. But I was also like her sister, Mona, in the fact that I can be very quite, and enjoy reading.

What I also loved is that the Melendys are a very loving family. They really care about, and for each other, very much like my own family.

I hope you and your children, will open your hearts to this 1940’s  family, like I did. You won’t regret it. These books really are classics, and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

My All Time Favorite Series 7

Links to the books mentioned above

The Saturdays  by Elizabeth Enright can be found on,

The Four Story Mistake  by Elizabeth Enright can be found on,

Then There Were Five  by Elizabeth Enright can be found on,

Spider Web for Two  by Elizabeth Enright can be found on,

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  • Leslie Zettel

    I am a professed book hoarder and my oldest daughter reads everything in site, multiple times over. We are always looking for a new series to dive into. I think we will try audiobook as well. Thank you. We recently finished the Green Ember series on audio book but I think that we did not listen to it in the right order, and I was surprised that even though it was highly recommended by various sources I did find it rather violent at times. Would you consider doing a review of the series complete with the right order, the plot line, the appropriate age group, the balance between good versus evil and how Heather and Picket fare out in the end? P.S. I really enjoy your writing. I can tell that you have a read A LOT of books. Although it is often left to personal preference, you may not need quite so many commas as think. I really look forward to your next post. Thank you!

    • Maria von Hatten

      Hello Leslie,
      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate the feedback and will certainly consider using less commas (my older brother read my posts and said the same thing.)
      I would love to do a review of the Green Ember series. I was thinking about doing it anyway, so this is perfect!
      I hope to have it posted soon, so stay tuned.

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