Reads of January 2019 3

Reads of January 2019

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I thought I might start writing a post at the end of every month for the year of 2019, sharing with you the books I read in that month.

I find that in the month of January I always read lots of books, because it’s so cold outside it the perfect reading weather.

Autumn Street by Lois Lowry is the first book I finished this year. I wrote of review of it, which you can read here.

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The next book I finished was Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai. I wrote of review of it which you can read here.

Reads of January 2019 5

Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate was an amazing book! A review of that will be coming out next month, so watch out for it!

Reads of January 2019 6Reads of January 2019 7

Lily’s Crossing by Patricia Reilly Giff, was a great American World War Two book. Look out for a review of it next month.

Reads of January 2019 8

The Mitchells: Five for Victory by Hilda van Stockum, another World War Two book that takes place in America, Washington D.C specifically.

Reads of January 2019 9

Canadian Summer by Hilda van Stockum, the sequel to The Mitchells: Five for Victory by Hilda van Stockum.

Reads of January 2019 10

Willow Run by Patricia Reilly Giff, the second book in the Lily’s Crossing series. Look out for a review of it.

Reads of January 2019 11

Well there you have it! Those are all the books I have read this month. I would love to hear what you read.

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