Why Reading is So Important for Kids 1

Why Reading is So Important for Kids

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I’m sure if you are a parent then you probably heard from somewhere that it is important for your children to read. I myself am quite intrigued by the the subject, so I went and did some research and now I will present you with 10 reasons why reading is so important for your children.

1. Expands Vocabulary

Reading can greatly improve a child’s vocabulary. When they are reading they will come across words that are new to them. They might ask you what they mean, or look them up in a dictionary. Pretty soon you will hear your kids using words that you didn’t even know they knew!

2. Improves Reading

I mean what can improve reading, better than reading, right? It takes plenty of practice to get good at reading, but it is so worth it in the end.

3. Improves Communication Skills

Reading books is a great way for children to build-up better communication skills. They read lot’s of conversations between different characters. They can witness how to communicate with a variety of different people with diverse personalities. They can also see characters who have a difficult time communicating, and seeing how they figure it out in the end.

4. Leads to Future Academic Success

Yes. Reading can lead to Academic Success. There have been many studies done of late, looking into the connection between reading plenty of books, and high marks in school. They have found that children who read lots of books for pleasure, tended to get higher marks not only in English and History, but even in Science and Mathematics. They found that children who hardly ever read, or didn’t read at all, had course mark averages about 10% lower than that of children who read frequently. So, get your kids to read lot’s of books!

5. Builds and Enhances Imagination

Reading is a great way for children to develop their imaginations. It can also introduce them to the world around them.

6. Entertainment

Reading is an entertainment in itself. I myself have been able to read for hours on end.

7. Improves Grammar and Spelling Skills

Reading improves grammar and spelling skills, without your kids even noticing. As they are reading, they are subconsciously, simultaneously doing a grammar and spelling lesson. As they read the same words over and over again the get used to how the words are spelled. The same can be said for grammar. When they keep seeing the same periods, commas, hyphens, and semi-colons used in the places, they will begin using those in their own work. Pretty amazing isn’t it?

8. Improves Writing Skills

I love writing. My younger brother likes writing as well. He came to me a few weeks ago, and asked me how he could write better stories.

My reply to him was quite simply, read lots of books!

I have always believed that by reading, my writing would get better. I used this tactic when I was writing a short story for a contest. Though I didn’t win the contest (partially because I homeschool) I still got published. So, I think with certainty that reading does improves writing.

9. Builds Empathy

Reading is a great way for children to develop empathy by imagining themselves in book characters situations.

10. Keeps Kids Safe

It’s true. Like I said in point 2. reading improves reading. This can keep your kids safe, by giving them the ability to read traffic signs, warning labels, and much more. Think about it!

Well there you have it! Reading is very important for children. It expands their vocabulary, improves reading, helps them get higher marks in school, builds imagination, entertains them, improves their grammar and spelling skills, makes them better writers, develops their empathy, and keeps them safe!

If that’s not enough reason for you to go now, find your child and stick a book in their hand’s I don’t know what is.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and will share it with others parents!

Why Reading is So Important for Kids 2

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