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Do you have an avid reader in the house? Perhaps a child that reads so quickly you are running out of book suggestions for them?

You want to make sure that the books you are giving to your child are safe, but you don’t have the time to pre-read every single book.

It’s alright. That is totally understandable. I am a very avid reader, and always have been

which made it difficult for my mother to pre-read every book she handed me. She had to rely on other people who had already read the book in question and written about it. 

This was totally fine and it worked. But, it was sometimes difficult find honest reviews, without having to go from site, to site, until eventually finding something.

Anne’s Book Basket is a place where you can find reviews and recommendations on almost exclusively children’s literature.  

I am a book snob and  will only recommend the very best children’s books. They must be good, clean, wholesome and of course, enjoyable!. If they are not one or all of those you will certainly here it from me.

In the end it is your decision as a parent, whether or not to let your child read a book. However, I will inform you if there is any questionable or sensitive content in it.

Under Recommendations you will find books that have met my standards. These include board books, picture books, and chapter books/novels.

Under Reviews you will find my honest reviews on a variety of children’s books.