My Favorite Saints Books and Series 1
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My Favorite Saints Books and Series

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We are fast approaching November 1. All Saints Day! In light of that I have created a compilation of all of my favorite Saints books, and series. I will try my best to keep the list fairly short.

Here they are:

Loyola Kids Book of Heroes: Stories of Catholic Heroes and Saints throughout History by Amy Welborn

My Favorite Saints Books and Series 2

This book includes short stories about a variety of Saints. The stories in this book are written very well, and are told in a way that is easy for children to comprehend. Beyond that they are also written in a way that makes children feel connected to the Saints. This is actually the only Saints book in our shelves ( and I dare say we have quite a few ) that I could find anything about Saint Faustina in. I was very impressed. You can see  a preview of it here.

Loyola Kids Book of Saints by Amy Welborn

My Favorite Saints Books and Series 3

This book , by the same author as the one I mention above, is very similar. Great little stories for kids to introduce them to the Saints. This book includes some of the very well known Catholic Saints, as well as some that are not as widely known. You can see  a preview of it here.

Lives of the Saints by Hugo Hoever

My Favorite Saints Books and Series 4

This is a wonderful little book! This book has about a page, maybe two about each Saint. There is a Saint for every day of the year in this book! I know there are Saints Feast days every day, but I have never seen a book where they are actually all included. So, simply look up the date, and you’ll find the Saint of the day!

Catholic Saints for Children by Anne Sophie Du Bouetiez

My Favorite Saints Books and Series 5

This is another wonderful Saints book for children. It has beautiful illustrations as well as a prayer at the end of each of the stories about the Saint.


Once Upon a Time Saints by Ethel Pochocki

My Favorite Saints Books and Series 6

This is a collection of short stories about famous and less famous Saints alike. The stories are hilarious. For example, in one of the stories it explains that St. Christopher is so huge, because he ate to many fries and ice cream sundaes. There are also another two in the series. More Once Upon a  Time Saints and Around the Year: Once Upon a Time Saints.


The Life of a Saint Series

My Favorite Saints Books and Series 7

I love the pictures in these books! We have a few of the books. There are many of them in the series. They have Peter: Apostle of Jesus, Francis: The Poor Man of Assisi, Bernadette: The Little Girl From Lourdes. I included pictures of two of them to give you an idea of what they look like. They are absolutely gorgeous!

Saints and Me! Series

My Favorite Saints Books and Series 8

I love these books as well. They are lovely for younger children. They have so many of them including the ones depicted above, Therese of Lisieux, Mary and Joseph, Joachim and Anne, Gerard Majella, Francis of Assisi, Kateri Tekakawitha, Gianna Bretta Molla, Thomas More, Anthony of Padua, Jaun Diego, Padre Pio, and many more! They also have activity book in the same series. The Saints for Families activity book, and the Saints of Christmas activity book.


Ignatius Press Saints books

My Favorite Saints Books and Series 9

These are great books for kids who can read pretty well on their own, or as read-alouds. We have a bunch of the books in this series, and I have read many of them. They are written in the style of Living Historical Fiction books, which makes them engaging. You can see a preview of Saint Therese and the Roses here. They have Father Damien, Mother Seton and the Sisters of Charity, Kateri Tekakwitha, St. Philip Neri, St. John Bosco, St. Therese, St. Thomas AquinasThe Cure of Ars (St. John Vianney) St. Bernadette, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Francis and Clare, and soooo many more!


One last one and then I’ll stop I promise : )


A Catholic Child’s Illustrated Lives of the Saints

  My Favorite Saints Books and Series 10

This book has lovely pictures. It includes a page or two about a variety of Saints. This is definitely one of my favorites.


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Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it : )



My Favorite Saints Books and Series 11



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