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I just recently finished reading Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhha Lai. It was pretty amazing!

It is a story inspired by the author’s own childhood memories of fleeing Vietnam, after the fall of Saigon and coming to Alabama.

A Brief Summary of Inside Out & Back Again

Young Hà and her family have always lived in Saigon. Suddenly the terror of war is practically on her doorstep. Hà and her family embark on a journey heading to somewhere safe.

Where should they flee to? Canada where their Uncle lives? France? Or the United States of America? They choose to go to the United States. Once there they get supported by a man from Alabama.

Life in America is very different from life in Vietnam. Hà does not like it in America. She especially does not like the bullies at school who call her a pancake face, and like to chase her around mocking her name by taunting ‘Ha ha ha ha’ pretending to laugh.

My Thoughts About This Book….

Inside Out and Back Again is a very powerful story, told in verse. It makes a great book to read alone, or read aloud.

I really appreciated the way the author portrayed the story. It was very well written and you could tell that it was a subject close to her heart.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Inside Out and Back Again! It is suitable for children of various ages, and would make a really good read aloud. It is one that is great for the whole family!

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