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Young Writer Publication: The Birth of the King of Kings by Mary-Clare Franco

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Young Writer Highlight The Birth of the King of Kings

I’m super excited to share this amazing piece of writing from a budding young writer. This original piece of poetry was written by Mary-Clare Franco. Enjoy!

The Birth of the King of Kings

                                                    A glimmering star shone with light;

                                                    Upon a dark and peaceful night;

                                                    The moon was still, pale its face;

                                                    The snow it glittered, the frost like lace;

                                                    Adorned the trees, with silver strands;

                                                    For winter was come upon the land;

                                                    The wind was gentle, but it did chill;

                                                    And angels sang, their song it filled,

                                                    The humble world, when glinting stars;

                                                    Did light the night from afar.                                                        

                                                    Within that stillness, a baby lay,

                                                    Before the light of early day,

                                                    A child that would a kingdom make;

                                                    And through death’s hold would He break,

                                                    By taking on man’s own fate;

                                                    And opening Heaven’s golden gates, 

                                                    But now was helpless, small and poor;

                                                    T’was out of love He did this, for,

                                                    Only a man could die for our sins,

                                                    And only a God could the victory win;

                                                    And only a God could the sacrifice be,

                                                    And God became Man, to fulfil prophecies;

                                                    That Isaiah and others had foretold,

                                                    Of a Saviour to come in a stable so cold.

                                                     The baby’s parents were humble and meek,

                                                     And the baby’s mother was gentle and sweet;

                                                     Her hair was dark, her face was kind,

                                                     The love of God filled her heart and her mind,

                                                     The servant of God she had become;

                                                     The very mother to His only Son,

                                                     And later a mother to us children all;

                                                     The new Eve she was, born after the Fall;

                                                     When God had promised a Saviour to send;

                                                     And also a woman who would evil rend,

                                                     And crush the head of the serpent fell,

                                                     For Mary’s power is great o’er all in hell.

                                                     Joseph the Just, he stood nearby;

                                                     Guarding Mary and Jesus, he looked to the sky;

                                                     Remembering how an angel had told;

                                                     Him to watch o’er the family, like a chest of fair gold,

                                                     And his name is holy, among all who pray;

                                                     For him to guard us, every day,

                                                     And our families, Joseph will protect;

                                                     Each of us all, and will direct;

                                                     Us in the way that is true and is good,

                                                     So that we reach heaven, and do as we should.

                                                     Sweet Jesus lay, in swaddling wrapt;

                                                     His young breath was gentle, in Mary’s lap;

                                                     The Son of Man rested, tiny and mild;

                                                     And angels did sing of this beautiful child;

                                                     Their voices like silver, and harps they played;

                                                     And trumpets majestic with flowers inlaid;

                                                     Their music was telling of gladness to come;

                                                     They sang of the love of God’s dear Son. 

                                                     Let us now rejoice amidst toil and sorrow;

                                                     Knowing that dawn is there on the morrow;

                                                     And let now our families with angels sing;

                                                     Rejoice in the birth of Heaven’s own King!

About the young writer

Mary-Clare Franco is a fifteen year old girl who loves reading, writing, biology, and being outdoors. Her favourite book is J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, but she also takes interest and enjoys his other works as well. Mary-Clare lives in Calgary Alberta with her six younger brothers and sisters, and  a beloved pet parrotlet named Nutmeg.  

Young Writer Publication: The Birth of the King of Kings by Mary-Clare Franco 1

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Happy Reading & Writing!

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  • Andrea

    That was beautiful! I can certainly see the homage to Tolkien’s lays (all the more so as I started rereading The Fellowship of the Ring a little while ago), but how elegantly you’ve captured the birth of Christ our King. Thank you, Ms. Franco, for your work!

  • Leslie Gray

    Sweet Mary-Clare such a beautifully and lovingly written poem of of our dear Jesus’ birthday!
    I hope you keep writing tender thoughts on the Holy Family. This poem is an inspiration and reminder to all of us of the blessings they pour upon us. Thank you!

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